Outfit: Pink Parka for the Snow


Christmas was full of 60 degree weather and rain, and the previous days of winter with just as snow free so when I found out that there was snow expected for Sunday I specifically planned to do outfit photos in my new parka. And of course to play outside in it. This outfit is pretty casual but it's meant to be warm as well as cute. As far as hair I just did a messy bun and for my makeup a black eyeliner and a dark brown eyeshadow.  All the snow almost makes up for the fact that I had my first day of class today. 

Coat - Something that you might already know about me is that I love winter coats. As soon as I saw this one I had to have it. It has a cute inner lining but of course the outer part is my favorite. Not only is it puffy with plenty of pockets. Plus the color is so flattering. 

Mittens - I was given this pair of fingerless gloves / mitten combo for Christmas and even though the white color isn't practical I'm for sure going to be wearing them all winter. The inside is fuzzy and the fact that they are dual means I can do a lot without taking them off. 

Jeans - These dark floral jeans aren't an everyday pair of pants. I picked them instead of normal blue denim so the outfit wouldn't be quite so cookie cutter. Of course they are the typical skinny leg I like. 

Earrings - These just like the pair I wore in my Umbrella and 2 Hair Styles are from Green Tea Jewelry. Thanks to the fact that they're laser cut wood they're actually quite light weight. Of course the best part is that they're gears in three different sizes. 

Boots -  I was given these a ways back and when I first saw them I wasn't sure I'd like them. They aren't particularly structured but they are really warm and of course comfortable. 



  1. So cute :3

    Ana ♥
    http://aruivablog.blogspot.pt/ N/POST

  2. Absolutely adorable! Such a great winter ensemble.

    XO, Jessi


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