Life Photos: Knitting, a Lion, Best Boyfriend Ever

Here's for another phone photo dump. The first one is of a washcloth I was knitting for a DIY that didn't exactly work out so... maybe some other time. The next photo is of the opening of the minecraft game on my phone (remember my app review of the minecraft pocket edition) because it said it was made with C++ which I took a class in. Then some random Instagram account that made me laugh. Because it was so weird. 

Then there's a drawing I did. I kept adding more and more things and it became the plot of the movie Tremors. I even added in Reba at the top, and a sheep about to get eaten. Then a wooden banna and super cool sofa that I wanted to take home. 

Then there is that white box with a heart on it. It's actually what my Flash and Glow Express came in so I put hearts over it. Inside is the Christmas Present that I forgot to give my friend so I turned it into a Valentines Day present. I claim the title of "Best Boyfriend" and to prove it got the worst present you can get a girl baking supplies as a joke, and did actually end up being better than her fiancĂ© since he didn't get her anything! Then two photos of the lion that I made. 

After that a very stalker like photo of one of my classmates that I saw on the road after leaving school. Then some dinosaurs set up like Taylor Swifts Bad Blood music video. Last an old Sephora gift card (it's been used)

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