How to Wear a Sweater Dress + Makeup


This morning we had some more snow, and the cold weather has been staying around. Because of that I decided it might be fun to do a cozy comfy outfit that is perfect for the cold weather. I decided on a sweater dress and when I realized that I haven't done any outfits with one on the blog I figured it'd make the perfect outfit guide. I made this outfit to be a relaxed and casual sweater dress look that's perfect for lounging at home or school days. 

  • Dress - While I see some form fitting sweater dresses I instead wanted to go with a thicker looser one, that's still flattering. The grey color is gorgeous and I love the chunky knit. 
  • Scarf - While a lot of these dresses are more of turtleneck sweaters I wanted to keep it casual so I instead went with a scarf. I love this infinity circle scarf, that makes the look more sophisticated without being stuffy.  
  • Shoes - I've done a guide on how to wear chunky boots and these are the bit more feminine version of that. I love the wedge heel that makes them comfortable and the lace up front is very cute. 


Although this knit sweater dress is pretty simple I wanted to add in a little bit of makeup to give it a more finished look. This is especially important for that casual look where you're wanting to impress someone (ladies you know what I mean) and it gives off a cute effortless look. I went with the pop of color to make the outfit more than just grey and black. 
  • Nail Polish - This blue color was so gorgeous that I couldn't pass it up. With essie you know that it's going to be opaque and long wearing. Plus it looks like it has a bit of shine which is great. 
  • Eyeliner - As you might already know I love felt tip eyeliner. There seems to be no better way of application than with a felt tip. This jet black color is perfect for pairing with a grey sweater dress. 
  • Lipstick - It might seem a bit jarring to have a light blue, aqua,  paired with a red lipstick but they're far enough from each other that it works well. Plus the outfit can use both colors since it's mostly black and grey. 
  • Earrings - I don't often add in jewelry, to outfits but I couldn't pass up these earrings. I love the blue stone in the middle and the diamond like material on the outside. 


  1. Love the beautiful pops of cyan blue here! Definitely cute.


  2. Love sweater dresses! That one looks so cozy!

  3. Love it! Bought a chocolate brown sweater dress lately and teamed it with a bold lip too! xx


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