How to Wear Star Print Jeans + Makeup


School is going. I've been completely overwhelmed with all the homework, quizzes and labs that are going on so sorry if you've been missing my outfit posts. I do have one to share with you today though that's fun, trendy and a unique pop style look, star print jeans and the outfit to go with it. This look is perfect for school and any other casual thing that you do. 

  • Crop top - This is a crop top (remember the guide to wearing crop tops I did?), and while they aren't particularly modest, this one is a bit longer and I think evened out with the higher neckline and short sleeves. The best part though is the unique texture it has. 
  • Jeans - These jeans are of course the focal point of the outfit. While I've seen pairs that have multiple colors for the stars, I think it can be overwhelming so I went with just white stars. Of course these trousers are also skinny legged.
  •  Jacket - Since it is winter (although the weather has been quite nice) I wanted to add a jacket to this look. The white is great to go with the jeans and the grey keeps it from being too matched. 
  • Bag - This bag the perfect big bag. It has top handles and a strap so you can use it multiple ways. I love the triangular shape it has on the sides and the metal hardware. 
  • Shoes - I wanted to put in a classic shoe with this look and found these loafers. I love that they have a low profile look great with skinny jeans. 


Then there's the makeup to wear with your star print jeans. I made sure it was modest enough that it would work for schools even with very strict rules but still enough that you'll look good. So I picked my top four makeup things that you need for this look. 

  • Nail Polish - To help tie in the grey that's in the fleece pull over I put in this grey nail polish. Essie is known for great wear time, and this is a neutral color will work for a lot of outfits for as long as the polish lasts. 
  • BB Cream - For everyday wear I don't like to wear foundation. It normally breaks me out after a full day of wear, but I do want to cover any redness or pimples I have. So I went with a bb cream which is great for fixing many skin issues. 
  • Lipstick - Partially to match the red shirt and partially because red lipstick is in right now I added it to this look. Of course it won't work for some dress codes, but is a fun part of the look. 
  • Eyeshadow - To go with grey, white and black colors I love adding purple but for red I love to do pinks. With this palette I tried to put together the best of both. 


  1. So funny that star jeans

    >> <<

  2. Cute outfit! Loving the eyeshadow


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