Food Photos: Veggie Burger at Burger King + Chocolate

I haven't done a food blog post for quite awhile so I figure I can do one now. I do have something cool to share with you a veggie burger! I know that I talk about trying not to go to fast food restaurants but sometimes it happens anyways, mostly because of convenience and because there aren't very many vegan food places around me. So when I heard that Burger King has a veggie burger I of course had to try it out. While it isn't as good as a hamburger, I actually like it quite well, and for someone who doesn't want to eat meat it's a lot better than salads all the time. 

Then there's a photo of my lunch at school, along with the pink water bottle I'm trying to use more often. Then beans and rice which was dinner one day and oatmeal for breakfast. The last two are of chocolate that I know I shouldn't have eaten. The Ikea chocolate was awful, like not even worth eating (which is coming from someone who isn't picky), but the pandas were fantastic. 

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