Food Photos: Grilled Cheese, Chinese, Yellow Pepper

With some of the other photo dumps going on it shouldn't be a surprise that I'm going on to food one. I mean I already showed you guys my recent selfies. So here's what I've eaten recently. 

The first photo is grilled cheese, for something so simple I love it. Then potatoes, bread and a veggie burger. Then tamales ( I actually reviewed a Tamale cookbook) and a burrito with guac on top. Then a cookie that a school friend brought in. We had gotten out of class early for her "birthday" only if we brought in something for him. Then Chinese food I ordered to be brought to class. The last photo is of a pepper. We ordered in pizza to our school and were eating it. The "hot" guy in class (I put it in quotations because he's only hot in comparison to everyone else) was eating this pepper so I thought, if I did it too then I could be hot like him, but it was too much for me. 

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