Face Photos: Spring all Blonde + Sunglasses

Wow. Over the past little while I've taken way too many photos of myself (and other photos I have like 300 total on my phone currently) so I figured it was time to clean it up a little. The first two are just random from my living room. The next three are random no makeup shots before class. I'm wearing my Brown Sweater Outfit in them which has been a bit of a lazy day winter staple for me. 

Then there are photos, one in the care the rest in class, with my blue skirt and scarf outfit. I also tried on my friend's sunglasses that I actually like pretty well. Then there's some photos in a cool cardigan that you'll be seeing soon. Then some very pretty photos of my face when I tried out the SammyDress Contouring Palette, which I of course ended up taking tons of selfies. Then two random selfies in the bathroom. 

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