DIY Wooden Snowflake Decorations

Although Christmas is over it isn't the end of  winter themed DIYs. I have been working on a few different ones, and thought today I could share with you guys these cute wooden snowflakes that I made. They're totally customizable, from size and shape to of course the color you want to make them. Plus the supplies are super cheap and easy to get, and it doesn't take long to make these snowflake decorations. 
Alright so you're going to need to have is a hot glue gun, popsicle sticks (preferably a few different sizes) and circular wooden pieces. I'd also put out a few sheets of non-stick paper down so that you don't end up with glue / paint / glitter all over your work space. Then figure out a few snowflake designs that you would want to do (I was given a few images to pick from) and then map them out with the sticks before you actually start working. Then from the inside out begin gluing the pieces together. You're going to want to overlap them, to make it more sturdy. Once that's done you can then paint on your snowflake. The popsicle sticks take the paint really well, and I'd recommend using acrylic paint (like I used for my final art appreciation project). While the paint is still wet (you do have to be quick because it dries pretty fast) put glitter on it. 
And here's the second snowflake I ended up making. It looks a bit like a star but they're both perfect for the front porch, or at least I think so!

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