Dancing for Exercise Outfit Guide

As I mentioned in my post about Trying out SlimFast it's #fitnessfriday . While I normally focus my outfit posts on running, and occasionally walking looks today I thought could change it up a bit and do another type of exercise, dancing. Of course this isn't something like competition dancing, but just doing it for fun. It's a little more fun than your typical gym workout and based on bodies like Julianne Hough the results are there. So I put together a cute outfit as motivation. 

  • Sports Bra - If you're a girl with much more than an A cup a sports bra is almost required for working out. I went with this low impact one for dancing because the pattern is fun. 
  • Leggings - While I personally prefer skinny leg, well everything, these pants are a little looser and easier to do dance moves in. They also have a longer length which provides protection for the legs without being long enough to step on. 
  • Top - Over the sports bra I wanted a loose top and found this cute breathable one. I love the cross style back and light purple color. 
  • Shoes - While you don't need as much support for your feet as you do for running, you still want a pair of tennis shoes that can handle hard floors, but at the same time be flexible enough to move in. 


  1. I like the idea of dressing up to go to the gym. After all, I don't see why we should wear shapeless tracksuits!

    Mika | La French Connection

  2. I need new outfit for my workout!

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