Daisy Summer Dress Outfit + Makeup

Dress / Bag /  Shoes

While summer isn't currently in season where I am (haha get it?), I wanted to do a cute summer look. Not only is the theme, daisies, adorable but the whole look is perfect for a semi formal event. It's perfect for a date, high end daytime events. This Summer Daisy look can either go casual or more formal depending on what you want to do with it, and is especially great for a day to night look. This is a bit of an extension on the floral dresses I'm sharing outfits for, like the Vintage Inspired Vacation Dress.

  • Dress - As soon as I saw this dress I was in love, even if the price tag is a bit high. The back zipper is a nice addition to the circular daisy pattern throughout. I especially liked the A line shape even if it's sleeveless. 
  • Bag - Because the dress is so simple I wanted to be sure to go with a simple lightweight bag as well. As you might know from my 1950's women's outfit , I love black clutches so I couldn't pass up adding this envelope clutch to the look especially since it had gold hardware. 
  • Shoes - While I'm a fan of big chunky high heels they aren't quite in style anymore, and have been replaced with low profile heels. I love that this pair has a bow making it quite the elegant heel. 


And then there's the makeup. I think the beauty part of an outfit is especially important when the clothes are a bit more simple.  For this look I wanted it to be makeup that you could wear on a date and not feel underdressed, but also for school without feeling like you have too much on. The whole look is flattering and girly. 
  • Nail Polish - To go with all the black accessories I decided to add in some black nail lacquer. It ties in the whole look together, and is much less overwhelming than the bright colors I normally like. 
  • Blush - Part of the way I made this look more feminine was by adding blush. The very pretty Nars color was the perfect addition too. It's pink, without being unnatural. I'd apply to the upper cheek. 
  • Palette - Just like in my Instagram Model Off Duty Look a contour kit is a needed item. I love that this palette will work for a variety of users regardless of their skin color or amount of contouring they want to do.  
  • Mascara - While some people have long lashes (I go to school with two such girls) that isn't the case for everyone. A nice mascara that doesn't clump or look unnatural is a perfect alternative. 


  1. Love that daisy dress!!! So adorable. Makes me summer nostalgic.

    Julie | http://www.xfallenmoon.com/

  2. Essie is my favorite and I love that NARS rouge. Great blog post girlie.

    XO, Jessi


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