Caturday: Orange Fluffy Cat

It's #caturday and this week I have some actual cat photos instead of how I just shared some pictures of my dog Checkers last week. While visiting my grandmother and grandfather I was outside looking for a calico cat Paula that sometimes hangs around ( we're still not sure if she has a real home or not) and started calling for her. Instead this very fluffy orange cat came out who lives across the street. She acted like she was afraid of me at first so I tried to coax her over to me. 

The first photo is one of her hiding by a car that I had to zoom in to take. I eventually convinced her to come over and then ended up taking a very close up picture of her with the zoom feature still on. Then a blurry one of me petting her, and yet another bad photo of her looking away from me. It was a little too cold for me to continue trying to be an animal photographer plus it was getting dark, which is part of the reason (beyond having an uncooperative subject) that everything looks kind of blurry. 



  1. lovely *-*

  2. A love ginger cats. It is hard to take animal photos, they are always moving. I have the same problem with my cat but I try to take photos of him when he's relaxing.


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