Caturday: But that's Checkers

So it's #caturday but I don't have any new cat pictures to share with you guys. School started back up on Monday and my cat Cricket has seemed less than interested in taking photos. I did have another visit to the animal shelter and ended up with a few pictures but since I just talked about some animals at the shelter I decided to sneak in a few pictures of my dog Checkers. I mean she loves cats so that counts, right?

The first photo is one that I had to take for an advertisement on Instagram. I though it'd make a great photo to have her playing out in the yard, before I realized how hard it is to get. She just kept running around and wouldn't listen until I brought out the treats. Below that is another photo that I had to do for the same company. They had a ton of weird rules, like that she couldn't have a rubber ball in the picture, and no animal hoarding, among a list of other things. Reminds me a little of the contract I had when I did the NFL Colts outfit. I guess you have to cover your bases. She does however like the food they gave her so that makes up for it!

And then there's a photo of her laying on my DIY woven rug while I was trying to make it. I'm not sure why but both she and my cat do this constantly whenever I try and weave. Also those books in the background are a mixture books I've reviewed or have to review. They're normally in boxes (as they are now) and I'm not sure why they were all sitting on the fireplace then. The last photo of Checkers is when she stole a water bottle and was chewing on it. 

Anyways thanks for letting me do a little photo dump about my dog!


  1. Your dog is so so so cute! It's so hard to take good pictures of cats and dogs because they are always moving around, haha!

    Hugs from Denmark x
    Mathilde | MATHILDE JULIE

  2. Oh, so cute! Our dogs love to steal clothes and chew on them. :)

  3. What a cutie !!


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