Book Review: Critical Conversations

Critical Conversations
By Tom Gilson

A Christian Parents' Guide to Discussing Homosexuality With Teens

Homosexuality is perhaps the most complicated and contentious issue Christians encounter in today's culture. Christian teens routinely hear assertions such as:
"It's about time gay people were allowed to get married."
"If you think homosexuality is wrong, you're a bigot."
"The Bible's ideas about homosexuality are outdated and irrelevant."

How can parents help young people deal with beliefs and perspectives that are mostly hostile to biblical worldview? As both a parent and a campus apologist, author Tom Gilson has wrestled with the issues and now shows parents how to confidently talk with teens. Critical Conversations will equip you to:

Provide a biblical framework for addressing the wider range of LGBT issues.
Have honest, open discussions that put teens at ease.
Give teens biblical answers to the most common pro-gay arguments
Strengthen family relationships through active listening and ongoing interaction.

Parents don't have to feel overwhelmed and unprepared. Critical Conversations will give you the confidence to make a critical difference in the lives of teens.

Tom Gilson is senior editor for apologetics with The Stream ( and was formerly national field director for Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance. The monthly Worldview and You columnist at BreakPoint, he has also written articles for Discipleship Journal, Touchstone Magazine and Salvo, and he blogs at both Thinking Christian and The Point.

My Thoughts: As someone of the generation this book is written to talk to, I thought it'd be great for me to review; Especially since I am on the other side of this augment and can look at the book critically. I was immediately impressed that Critical Conversations doesn't go into a bunch of tirades, or fill it's pages with hate. The arguments throughout are mostly sound, there is a part that talks about marriage always being between a man and woman until recently though that isn't quite accurate because in 67 AD Roman Emperor Nero married a boy (the details of this are a bit odd so it isn't championed as a great homosexual relationship). 

The beginning of the book goes through the current culture on the gay marriage debate, and how it affects Christians. Then the book goes into challenges and gives the reader talking points for their teens. Although I don't have the same view point as the author I think the book is well written and can be great for a family that does. I just wish it used more scripture in it along with the author's tips. 

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