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As you might have already noticed I have a banner from Banggood on my sidebar.  They also wanted me to do a wish list to show you a few of their products that I like especially well so I decided to take a peak around their site and see if anything caught my eye. I was immediately impressed at the selection they had, and decided to do two different wish lists since Banggood has such a large variety of products.

  • 3D Printer - I almost can't believe I'm seeing one of these kits in a normal consumer store so of course I had to add it to the list. While I'm not quite as optimistic as some people about what a 3D Printer can do, it'd make a great toy to have.
  • Outlet - I hate those gross power strips that everyone seems to have next to their desks. This one however is much cuter than the average and something that can be displayed. 
  • Wireless Keyboard - Most of the time I use my iPad as tablet but I also take it on trips when I don't feel safe taking my laptop. For me this keyboard would make doing things like blog posts a lot easier. 
  • UAV - Another thing that's all the rage are these unmanned arial vehicles. This one with a sight camera is especially interesting. 
  • Wireless Camera - For someone like me who's paranoid, I need a security camera. This one is cheap and hassle free. 
  • Instruments - I was especially surprised to see that Banggood has instruments and at that very pretty ones. Even if sound quality is deminished they look very cool.

  • Bag - I'm always on the lookout for an everyday bag and this one seems to fit the bill quite well. It's all black and has the dual carrying straps that I love. 
  • Boots - Banggood has a wide variety of shoes, and a good selection of sizes to go with it. I love these little booties because they seem perfect for a lot of outfits. 
  • Swimsuit - While I know warm enough weather to swim is a long way away I can still dream. Plus there are always hot tubs and heated pools. I love the purple pattern this one has. 
  • Shirt - This shirt has a fun print on it so I was sure to add it into my wish list. It'd be perfect with a pair of jeans, or tucked into a skirt. 
  • Corset - While this might seem like an odd pick this corset has so many PG uses. It'd go well over a fitted plain shirt or as part of a halloween costume.
  • Dress - While Banggood has many trendy dresses, I especially like this skater style dress. It has a bit of a vintage feel and a fun pattern.

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  1. that dress you chose is so pretty! Love that design

    ~Andrea Tiffany~


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