Review: Silk'n Flash&Go Express

Like most girls I'm not a fan of body hair. I've done some waxing (not my favorite activity), but almost always get rid of it by shaving. Often times I get irritated skin from this, which is especially bad for promotional modeling jobs (like at the Indy 500) because I'm left with dry patches and red dots. For the past few years I've thought about getting laser hair removal and even went to a consolation. I quickly decided against it when the total for legs below the knees and armpits was about $2000 (which I think might be steeper than other places). So when Influenster sent me Silk'n Flash&Go although skeptical I was extremely interested to give it a try. 

Alright so the whole Silk'n package is covered is a generic sort of medical picture but taking that off you have a nice zip around container to store your Flash&Go that's in it and the plug as well as different adaptors that come with it so you can use it internationally. The case to hold the Flash&Go as well as this home hand held laser both look quality made and have held up well so far. 

How to Use the Silk'n Flash&Go Express

After plugging in this hair removal device hold down the small square button to turn on. This will light up. Then click the button again quickly, to pick the power setting. After testing it on say 3 to make sure your skin isn't sensitive, I recommend (from personal use and other reviews) cranking it up to five for your hair removal use. 

1. Shave your legs (or wherever you're planning on removing the hair)
2. Turn on the device and choose your setting
3. Press the large button for a Flash
4. Move on to the next section

A few pro tips. Make sure skin is completely clean from oils before use, as this will deplete the laser strength. Instead of just pressing the laser button, hold it down and it will give laser burst about every four seconds. I find this to be much faster. The most important tip is to somehow shade your eyes because each flash although mostly on your skin is still really bright. Oh and I almost forgot, while the Silk'n website says to use the first every two weeks then once a month and such I find it best to use once a week for results. 

The big question though is does the Silk'n Flash&Go Express work? While I can't give a full review because my Voxbox review from Influenster is due 1.5 months after receiving the product (I held out as long as possible), I can say that I'm seeing results. Where I've used the Silk'n Flash&Go I'm seeing a few patches that don't seem to be growing hair, and a lot of places where the hair is thinner and softer. Of course only more time will tell (I'd say 6 months for full results) if this hair removal system can completely wipe away my body hair but so far we're doing well. The only downside is how long it takes to treat the area, but it is pain free, I often spend this time listening to music. This Silk'n Flash&Go is a fraction of the price of a professional laser system and well worth trying out, both for the money savings and the convenience of doing the hair removal at home. No making appointments,  driving to an office, and waiting for your time as well as the treatment. 

But back to the price. It's currently on sale at the and you can use the code "NOHAIR" for 10% off. 


  1. Que prático, odeio depilação! O preço é bem em conta se o resultado for bom


  2. This sounds really interesting and easy to use :)

    Velvet Blush

  3. Very interesting! I've always wondered if these at home hair removers worked!

    Shannon Sage

  4. I too hate body hair, I'm really convinced to give this a try!x


  5. Nice review!


  6. This was new for me! Thanks for the interesting review.
    Merry Christmas!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  7. Oo I'd love to hear about the long term results later on, hair is a problem for me!!

    Macarons and Mischief

  8. interesting review! for hair removal I personally use an eplilator.



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