Review: 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit

Eyebrows are one of those things that you need to look beautiful. Don't believe me? Just do a google search of Celebrities without eyebrows, take for example Jennifer Lawrence she goes from adorable and somehow at the same time hot movie star to convicted window peeper. So of course I was interested in trying out the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows kit that the people over at Billion Dollar Brows sent me. I've previously reviewed their Best Sellers Kit and loved it so I went in having high expectations. 

Alright so this kit comes in a box that has the 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows on the front as well as the included brush and brow powder. Inside was a brown and copper brow dual brush as well as brow powder in a Taupe color. The color pigmentation is light, lighter than it looks on the product color and a bit cooler toned.

Verdict: This brow set is perfect for helping to create beautiful brows. The color is soft, and looks natural. The brush is perfect to use on one end to apply brow powder and on the other for combing your brows. It even does well with thicker brows like mine. Although this set doesn't offer everything you need (I recommend a brow gel and brow pencil for a full look) both the included products in Billion Dollar Brows 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows kit are  a great addition to better looking brows. 

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  1. amazing product and thank you for share with us like this review


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