Caturday: Moe the Model

Well it is Saturday which means time for a #caturday post even if I haven't shared one in a few weeks. I was busy with finals and then Christmas stuff so it kind of got put on the back burner even though I had enough photos to share. Since I just shared a few photos of Joe in my Holiday Dress Outfit post I figured this could be all about Moe the cat. 

The first photo is actually from my NFL Colts Outfit. In the contract that Clevergirls had me sign it had specific things in it. The rules weren't really a big deal (things like no knock-off NFL gear in the photos) but one was quite funny, no stepping on footballs. So I decided to "step on" a cat instead. It didn't end up in the final photo selection but I though it was funny enough to keep around.  
Then one of the desserts my cousin made all the way back at Thanksgiving (I told you I've had these photos ready), little mice. They were actually pretty good (she said getting the eyes and ears on wasn't easy) except for the black licorice, that was their tails. 
And a few photos of Moe modeling. I kept trying to get her to help me with the pictures I took for the Knives Ship Free blog post, but she wasn't having any part of it. She'd either run away or make a face, and act all annoyed. Without the knife though she was more than happy to have her picture taken (as shown below) I kind of wonder if the case smelled odd or something. 


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