Caturday: A Cat and A Colts Pullover

Earlier this week I did a blog post about my NFL fan style and shared what I think are some great #modeling photos that I took at my grandparents. However those weren't the only cute photos I ended up with from the day. I also captured a few shots with Joe the cat who was adamant about sitting in my lap. Even when I told her that I didn't want to get cat hair on my pants or deal with little holes in my clothes from her nails. 


And to clarify in case you were wondering, although my previous colts sweatshirt outfit was sponsored this one is not at all. I just wanted to share a few cute photos of one of my grandparents' cats with you guys and happened to be wearing the shirt that I took photos in earlier. I know it can be a little hard to tell sometimes with all sorts of media skirting the line between actually saying if they're been given something or are getting paid to say something, but I always try and make it very clear. 


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