Book Review: Still Restless

Still Restless
Conversations That Open the Door to Peace
By Jan David Hettinga

Get ready for the conversation of a lifetime with a Savior you can trust completely. What would you give to travel back in time and make an appointment with Jesus, to talk to God in the flesh? Would you ask the questions that cause you doubt? Would you expect his answers to bring you peace? Still Restless relates good news: God has always had time for honest seekers, even when they have hard questions or objections. The proof is in the life of Christ. Jesus met for one-on-one conversations to share the way to truth and life. He never used the same approach twice, proving that the gospel is designed for everyone, no matter an individual's experiences or personality.

Whetting walks through these gospel encounters to demonstrate how talking with Jesus is a good thing to do, particularly in today's fast-paced modern world .Conversations with Christ reveal a spirituality that shuts down evil and empowers good. They produce a faith that surrenders control right from the beginning, embracing the relief of following a leader who cares for you.

Jan David Hettinga is pastor of leadership development at Cascade Community Church i Monroe, Washington, and pastor emeritus of Northshore Community Church in Bothell Washington. He is also founder of the Northsound Church Planting Network in Seattle, and currently serves as chair of MissionsFest Seattle. Whiting's pervious work includes Follow Me: Experience the Loving Leadership of Jesus, which has sold nearly 40,000 copies.

My Thoughts: A lot of people have questions about their faith and where it fits into their life. Conversations That Open the Door to Peace This book is made to decrease and get rid of your doubts and learn more about Christ. Jan Hettinga does a great job writing this book so it's easy to read either over a long time or in bouts. If you like The Case for the Real Jesus or When Donkeys Talk then Still Restless is for you. 

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