3 Organic Bath and Shower Products to Try

Washing is not necessarily the most glamorous task in the world, but it can be a unique time to recuperate, relax and re-gather your energy after a busy day, or to prepare you for a night of dancing on the titles. We all have our favourite bath and shower products, but as the New Year approaches, we should all consider breaking our habits and opting for products that are much better for our bodies and for the environment. What many of us don’t know is that mainstream brands can contain harmful artificial chemicals that we absorb when we use them and can damage the environment when produced in the first place. By making a change in our buying (and washing) habits, we can ensure that we are looking after ourselves and the planet in a much more forthright way. At Mary Jane Fashion, we recommend the following products that can make a great difference to your skin’s health and wellbeing, and on the planet’s natural processes. 

 Bodhi and Birch

 A company that aims to provide invigorating products made from wholesome, natural extracts to create the best possible results is UK brand Bodhi and Birch. Combining the forward thinking power of science and technology with the therapeutic and creative know-how of botanicals, Bodhi and Birch have produced a range of bath and shower therapy washes and formulas that innovatively revive and nourish. We love the Rosemary Chi wash that substitutes the parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, unsustainable palm oil, sulphates and others, which can be found in the products of many mainstream washes, for coconut oil, fruit sugars, cedarwood oils, tea tree, geranium, sage and rosemary. This creates a fragrant bouquet that will stimulate your mind and contains naturally occurring nutrients to cleanse and nourish your skin. 

Estelle and Thild

 Based in Stockholm, Estelle and Thild create innovative natural beauty products with the input and expertise of leading skincare specialists and toxicologists, making them a market authority on effective, safe-to-use body washes. This Water Lily body wash is a case in point; 99.6% natural, officially certified organic by EcoCert and 100% vegan, the formula comprises of a rich mixture of peach blooms, blackcurrants and leaf juices, forsaking damaging sulphates, parabens, synthetic fragrances and synthetic emulsifiers that can be so irritating to skin and damaging to the environment when produced and manufactured. You can rest assured that your skin won’t be absorbing anything aggressive or artificially created, but will left moisturised, invigorated and soothed. 
Dr Bronner

 Body washes and gels have very much surpassed soaps in terms of popularity, but there is definitely something charming and invigorating about using an old fashion bar of soap. There are plenty of organic, natural soaps that have been produced much more sustainably than their traditional predecessors which can provide a rustic, rejuvenating wash. Dr Bronner’s vegan soups are 100% natural and are made from organic coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, jojoba oil and hemp oil to create a rich, luxurious soap. They are officially certified as Fairtrade, meaning buying this soap will be of benefit to farmers and suppliers in a sustainable and co-operative way. In addition, the green tea central ingredient provides a fresh, uplifting fragrance whilst also acting as a natural antiseptic to repair skin.


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