3 DIY Christmas Projects You can Do Using Chicken Wire

Not many people have chicken wire come to mind when they are thinking of a new DIY project to take on. It is a rare material to use but also quite fun (as long as you are careful with your hands!). The chicken wire fence has long been used in the agricultural sector as it was an inexpensive and practical solution in terms of keeping the chickens fenced in (hence, the name). However, the material today can be used for almost everything, including in construction, gardening as well as craft and design.  Moreover, with its practicality and inexpensive quality, many things can be done using chicken wire. Below are three fun projects you can take on in the spirit of the holidays and these include Christmas light balls, a holiday card display and a wire wreath.

Christmas Light Balls: This is a project that is most suited for those living in home with lots of land. Not only are they popular but they are also quite unique in display and particularly beautiful when lit in the evenings. What you will need for this project is chicken wire, small wire cutters, measuring tape, gloves (watch out for those hands!) and LED mini lights. You are going to need to roll out the chicken wire and measure its dimensions. Following will be the cutting of the fence, and this is where those gloves come in. Once the fencing is connected and pushed into the shape of a ball, its time to wrap the lights around its figure. It is only ready to be plugged in once the lights are safely and completely wrapped about the fence ball. Click the link for more detailed guidelines and photos on the how to’s of creating your very own Christmas Light Ball.

Photo: http://blog.christmaslightsetc.com/diy/how-to-make-christmas-light-balls/

Holiday Card Display: The holiday card display idea is a great one if you’re someone who likes to showcase holiday photos, cards and all that fun stuff all throughout the year.  What you will need for this project is wood, flat corner brace, chicken wire, staple gun, stain and sawtooth hangers. First, you will need to cut the wood to length (42 1 x 2 by 24 1 x 2. Next you will need to stain the wood then screw in the L-Brackets on each corner to connect the pieces of wood together. The chicken wire should then be stabled to the backside, which will then allow the cards and photos to be displayed using mini clothespins. For hanging, you will need to nail the sawtooth hangers in the back and voila. Click the link for more details and photos on how to create your own DIY chicken wire holiday card display.

Photo: http://lollyjane.com/christmas-holiday-card-display-tutorial/

Christmas Wire Wreath: The Christmas wire wreath is a modern take on the classic Christmas wreath. Once you shape the wire into that of a wreath, you can fill it in with anything your heart desires. Pinecones and red and cold ribbon are a personal filler favorite of mine. What you will need is 1-inch chicken wire, work gloves, flexible wire, needle-nose pliers, and ribbon/yarn or twines to hang the wreath. Here, you will need to cut out a piece of the netting that measures 12 inches by 60 inches, which will allow you to construct a wreath that is 22 inches wide. After all of the cutting, you will need to bend, twist and straighten the netting until it is in the shape you desire and then you will need to fill the wreath with the materials you have chose through the opening. Once you’re done, close the opening and your wreath is ready to hang. Click the link for more step-by-step details and visuals on how to create your own Christmas wire wreath.

photo: http://www.ehow.com/ehow-crafts/blog/wire-wreath-tutorial/

Happy holidays!


  1. I thought those were great ideas. I especially liked the idea about using chicken wire for the Christmas lights decorations. I think it would be fun to make other shapes as well, maybe animals or Santa. Unfortunately for me, nobody sends me Christmas cards anymore nor do I send them so I can't have a card display.

  2. Love the lights!!! I have also seen people use chicken wire to make ghostly figures in the yard at Halloween with glowpaint

  3. Love that wreath! Such a great DIY post girlie.

    XO, Jessi


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