2015 My Christmas Charity Projects

Happy Christmas Eve! While my extended family originally had plans to celebrate together and do a gift exchange, my grandmother ended up canceling these plans because my aunt and two of my cousins had colds. She ended up regretting it but, a little too late. However I thought now would be the perfect time to share a few charity things that I've made for the Christmas seasons.  I didn't do as much as I would have liked (school was overwhelming) but I did put some work in. So maybe you'll get a few ideas and in the comments if you have anything you do or ideas you have I'd love to hear them!

 I've previously talked about the Nursing home gifts I've given in 2013 and 2012 back when my blog was more of a diary. Of course I did it again this year, with my mother. We call a local affordable nursing home and get the number of people who don't have family and make them Christmas gifts, delivering it on Christmas Eve. This year it was ten residents, which is totally manageable. A few years ago we'd asked the staff what we should get and they told us toiletries were great because they had to pay out of pocket for that stuff, and since it is an affordable nursing home they don't have very much money. As you can see from the top photo we gave them different animal themed pillows (one per person) and a goodie bag with a candy cane on the front. 
Inside the gift bag are the essentials. A small pack of q-tips, palmolive soap (which smells fantastic), a comb, Vo5 Shampoo, and Personal Care Cocoa Butter Skin Lotion. The gift bags, cost under $10 each and are mostly about the thought of giving it to them. I do however has a bit of a funny story of us giving the gifts. 

We called ahead saying we'd be there in 5-10 minutes and the director said to come around the side that way we wouldn't have to carry our boxes through the rain to the main entrance from the parking lot. Well we got to the door and buzzed but no one came. Some old lady came to stare at us and then a red headed man came up in his wheel chair. He was trying to tell us what to do but it took us awhile to get that and we just waved at him. Eventually we got to it that we have to push the buzzer and he pushes on the door. I'm sure he thought we were completely stupid but he was very nice. We delivered presents and might have to go back for bingo games in the future. 
New this year (I'm hoping to share a DIY later) are these fleece hat. We made them for the church youth group leader to pass out to children in the neighborhood where the church is. It's a low income neighborhood, and one that's children are often overlooked. I'm hoping we can make some more before school starts again and give them to a local government elementary school to pass out to children who come to school without one. 

As I talked about earlier this month in my DIY Simple Christmas Stockings I'm made these stockings as a part of thing that people are doing, and they're be filled by another group and sent to soldiers. Obviously I'm now making them for next year. 

With all those scraps from sewing different things that I have I make them into animal beds. They're then taken to the local animal shelter, as throw away beds for the animals.


  1. this is so cool :) its nice to give to the needy

    Happy Holidays dear!


  2. Beautiful charity!:)
    Merry Christmas dear


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