What to Wear on a Hike During Hunting Season


It's #fitnessfriday which means I'm of course talking about exercise, something I know a lot of people don't want to think about after Thanksgiving. For today's post I thought I should do a simple outfit for hiking. However I wanted to do something seasonal and a bit of a public safety thing. What to Wear on a Hike During Hunting Season, because this time of year can be a bit dangerous for people who want to explore the woods. Quite sad because right now the weather is perfect and so is the forest. So I put together an outfit. 

  • Shirt - For this outfit I wanted a shirt that's loose, and comfortable but with a cute cut. I went with grey because it's a simple color and easy to match. 
  • Pants - I shared a pair of pants similar to these in my Back to School Outfit, and I love them. These pants are perfect for hiking, because the color won't show dirt easily, and the extra pockets can be handy.  
  • Hat - Hunting season always means wearing orange so of course I need to add some. It's also a bit of a cold weather necessity to keep ears warm. I went with a hat that has a large knit that's durable. 
  • Jacket - I don't think there's such a thing as too much orange so I added more with this North Face Jacket. It's warm, and has a shiny finish that'll keep it from getting caught on things or taking anything home. 
  • Shoes - Although Timberlands are seen as a sort of hipster every day wear they're fantastic for going on hikes. 


  1. This is actually a very good post, it's shocking how many hikers got hurt or killed because the hunters mistook them for animals. I love the addition of the orange jacket and beanie, bright clothes avoid confusions.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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