What to Wear Black Friday Shopping

Top / Pants / Hat / Bag / Shoes

I know that today is #techtuesday but I figured that since this is a Black Friday outfit I'd get a pass on sharing it today. I mean isn't that how everyone buys their new computers, video games, cameras etc? But anyways. I wanted a look that's comfortable, durable, but still cute in case you're planning on shopping as a group with your friends, or your family if they think you'll be an embarrassment.  And it's something you can wear for that 12 hour straight shopping without losing it. 

  • Top - Sequin tops are always thought of as a New Years Eve kind of thing, but I think a little shine is good for any night time event (although some Black Friday Events start just after Thanksgiving or earlier). I love that this shirt is loose. 
  • Pants - Black Friday shopping is one of those times you can feel great about wearing your yoga pants outside of the studio. Instead of skinny leg ones, like what you might have seen in my running outfits I went with a wide leg pair. 
  • Hat - A cute colorful hat isn't just for keeping your ears warm on Black Friday. It's also great so that your shopping partners can more easily find you in all the crowd. This bright green knit one is perfect. 
  • Bag - Although my bag of choice is a backpack (probably because I'm a student), that doesn't exactly work in chaotic shopping. So instead I went with a clean classic cross-body purse. 
  • Shoes - As much as I love open shoes, when there's a high chance of getting your feet stepped on or run over by carts they aren't ideal. So I went with a black pair of sneakers. 


  1. Really nice outfit inspiration! Outfit for fight and shopping ;)


  2. Love your picks ♥


  3. Living in South East Asia, we don't celebrate Black Friday but we would love to be somewhere that has it, one fine day! What's better than wearing a sparkly top that can avoid us being run into by trolleys :) Thank you for sharing Hanna!

    Real Life Nerd // www.vivienekok.com

  4. Totally yes to yoga pants & sneakers for black Friday shopping! I'm on a mission LOL! Although I must admit that sequin top is super cute!


  5. Great outfit! Love the bag so much!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. great outfit! I think you can wear sequins and sparkle anytime of the day. The shirt is awesome!

  7. Ooo I love this outfit and I think sparkly sequins shouldn't just be for new years eve because sparkles are well sparkly hehe :) I think that green hat is really nice,I used to have a bright purple one I wore tat my friends always said made it easy to spot me in a crowd while shopping :)

    Lots of love, Marianne xxx


  8. Loving the glitter t-shirt!


  9. I love that you found a lose sequin top! It could be dressed either up or down. Perfect for the Holidays!!
    Kylen xoxo | Kylen Every Wear

  10. It's a great look.
    I love the touch of color given by this hat.


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