Review: Bella Reina Vegan Lipstick

As I've grown in my relationship with makeup one of the last things I started wearing was lipstick. I always thought of it as more of an old woman's sort of thing. I've since changed my mind and wish I had a lot longer. But better late than never and I have three very pretty colors from the Mi Bella Reina  vegan lipstick line. 

Lets start with the packaging. They look very different than other Mi Bella Reina products (for example the Bella Reina Eyebrow Pencil). Instead of matte black the lipsticks have a shiny silver finish and a pink graphic. The tube design is a standard lipstick one. 
And here are the swatches. Shining star, a light peach color, easy street a mid range warm pink, and rebel a thick red color. Each one goes on very smooth and light and lasts well. This Mi Bella Reina makeup products are probably the best vegan lipsticks I've tried, both in color and consistency as well as wear time. For sure adding more of their products to my makeup area you saw in my room tour


  1. Love the shades! Nice review ♥

  2. I admit I really don't know what goes into lipstick or that there were any animal products in it. Love these more natural product options!

    xx Yasmin

  3. Love the colors!

  4. I was slow to get into lipstick too - but it's so much fun once you do! Love these swatches, especially the red :)


  5. I never actually tried vegan lipsticks, but I would LOVE to! I want to switch over to vegan beauty products asap. I currently make sure to only buy cruelty-free certified products, but this has got to be my next step.
    Style Tomes | Style Tomes on Instagram

  6. Vegan lipstick? How awesome is that! Great review, thanks for sharing! <3 -

  7. Fabulous colors <3



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