Review: Bella Reina Automatic Eyebrow Pencil

It's been years since big bushy eyebrows first hit the runway and they're still going strong. Luckily because I find the whole 90's eyebrows to be so unflattering. Although I do have relatively thick eyebrows, they're aren't at all perfect so I was very excited to get to try out the Mi Bella Reina automatic eyebrow pencil. 

This eyebrow pencil comes in a solid black plastic. The Bella Reina name and to lines are in a pretty silver that matches the hardware on the eyebrow brush. Until you open the cap you can't see what color the brow pencil is. To get more product simply twist the area under the lid in the opposite from the stem. 
Here's what the swatch looks like (along with a few other Mi Bella Reina products). It is a fairly light brown, and applies very smoothly. I use it more of as a fill in product. I am however very impressed with wear time, its for sure one of those makeup products you won't have to reapply through out the day.  Overall a 5/5


  1. very nice product, great review sweetie
    I wish you an happy day
    a big kiss
    <<< fashion blogger >>>

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this review. My eyebrow pencil is almost finished and I am looking for something new:) Have an amazing Sunday!


  3. Wow, thanks for sharing this great product!! I hope I will be able to find it :)

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  4. Very nice! I'd like to try it!

  5. it's always nice to know that certain products like this has a great wear time! :D

    Have a great weekend!
    Animated Confessions

  6. Need to try it! I'm obsessed with big eyebrows too

  7. My Benefit Brow Zings is almost out so thanks for sharing this!

    Georgia Jade | The Weekend Attic


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