Outfit for Cold Weather Runs (and still look cute!)

 I was just talking about the nice 70 degree weather in my Short Shorts and Pink Sweater outfit and in the past few days that's drastically changed. Early next week we're even supposed to be getting below freezing temperatures so for this #fitnessfriday I decided I could put together an outfit guide for running in cold weather where you'll be warm and still look cute. 

  • Top - Thermal tops are a must have once the weather gets cold. The problem is that they aren't all that flattering, or often very cute. I went with this grey one because the cut is slightly better than the normal kind.
  • Pants - As much as I hate to see full length leggings and tennis shoes together, when it's too cold for an autumn running outfit it becomes necessary. I went with a skinny pair because they're less hassle and the black color is slimming. 
  • Jacket - The old rule is when you can see your breath you need a jacket. This North Face one is cute so you won't mind wearing it. And the bright color is perfect for early morning or late night jogging. 
  • Mittens - Cold hands are one of my least favorite things. Although gloves are more popular mittens are much warmer and you won't be needing your hands anyway. 
  • Shoes - As soon as I saw these Nike running shoes I fell in love. They have a bright almost Tiffany's blue and a neon yellow that match the jacket, and make the whole look more chipper. 

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  1. Such a lovely post, Hanna! I love the jacket and sneakers, such beautiful colors, sure to brighten up gloomy fall and winter days :) I hope you have an amazing day and weekend ahead :)




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