Minecraft Story Mode Shirt as a Dress

Shirt c/o Ubisoft / Leggings (on sale) / Shoes

While this isn't my normal sort of outfit post, while I was at my grandmothers I decided I could take a few pictures and even though they didn't turn out fantastic. Which is totally because of the lighting. How do fashion bloggers photograph in winter?! But as I looked at these photos and tried to give them a filter to make them look better I realized that they do make kind of a fun look. How to wear a t-shirt as a dress. 

Shirt - When I received a package in the mail from Ubisoft I was expecting my media copy of Minecraft Story Mode which was there, but there was also this very cool Minecraft Story Mode promotional shirt. So of course I was very excited. 

Leggings - To make this shirt into a dress I wanted to add a pair of leggings. To keep it from looking like a pajama outfit I went with a "leather" pair of leggings to add a bit of edge. 

Shoes - Although I was going to wear a pair of high booties, I went for a slightly more casual but just as classy look. Pointed toe flats. 



  1. Cute t-shirt and I love the leggings! I know what you mean about shooting in winter but I still think these snaps turned out fab :) x

    I regularly take little weekends away and its such a chore fitting everything in one little suitcase but these are great tips for what to pack! x

    Viva Epernay | Penhaligon's Giveaway

  2. Cute shirt!!! :) got to love ubisoft. :)


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