Life Photos: A Laser, Fake Hair, Art

I haven't done these photo roundups in quite awhile, probably because I was so worried about final exams. But I am doing one now with old photos from my phone. The first photo is the box that my Flash&Go Express came in, which is something I actually like a lot. The next photo is of an app that I was going to review but it was so similar to game of war that it wasn't really worth doing. Literally the only thing different is the graphics.  After that is a photo of a drawing that I had to do for art class. It didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped but, the class was participation.

The next row has a funny meme (maybe that isn't exactly what it is called) of the Fedex logo. I often screenshot these kind of things and send them to my parents through text message, since they don't have Instagram and that's where I find them. After that is a photo of the road construction on the way to Thanksgiving with my family (see I told you these were from awhile ago). Then a random photo of my feet. 

Then another photo of my art appreciation class sketching, this one a little better though, of a coffee cup and saucer. Then my fake hair ponytail (seen in my Sheer V Outfit Post) when it arrived. Then a "selfie" in the computer screen that I have no idea why I took. The wrapped present is a floral hammer my grandmother gave me, and last is a hummus recipe I want to try out. 

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