Food Photos: Vegan Cheese + Real Cheese Pizza

With a new diet that I've been on (more details soon!) I've started eating healthier and haven't been snacking nearly so much. I've been completely focused on healthy meals that contain all the nutrients that I need since I don't eat meat part of that is getting enough protein. So I'm showing those meals to you guys. 

At the top left is a taco sort of thing that I had. Inside is fried potatoes, hot sauce and vegan cheese. Net to that is a bean and rice meal that I had. Below those starting at the left is a fresh lettuce and bean burrito. The a snack at school, apples and peanut butter. My mother sort of stuffed the peanut butter in the middle instead of normal slices so the apple wouldn't turn brown. Then another bean burrito this one with salt on the side. Above that is a noodle soup I had that's fantastic. Last pizza I had at school. During finals they pass out free food and even though it wasn't vegan I couldn't pass it up. 

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