Face Photos: Blonde Ponytail, Black Bob + Natural Hair

Oh my gosh. I know I've talked about taking less selfies before, but looking through my phone, I think I might have gone back on that just a bit. So here are a "few" pictures of me. A lot of these have a green shirt that I'm in, and since I've gotten rid of a lot of my t-shirts it has sort of become part of my pajama set. Some of these photos, my favorites, are with the ponytail hair extension. I'm not sure why but it automatically makes me look so much better, or at least feel like I look a lot better. 

Then there are some photos of me with a black wig which was featured in my James Bond Villian Look. Without makeup I don't think it looks very good at all, but as part of a finished look I love it. 

Then there are also my actual hair photos. I'm thinking it needs to have the roots done, but I'm kind of hoping someone will pay me to get it done. A girl can dream right?

1 comment:

  1. The hair extension pony tail is awesome, pull it slick to the bag and you got a dressy look!
    Happy Holidays! Peace on Earth


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