Caturday: Cat Food

I know it's #caturday but I had these very cute photos of Elizabeth on my phone so I decided I could post them today. Although she has her cage (similar to a bedroom for people I think), she's often allowed out on the counter which was where she was when all these photos were taken. As you can see she's been doing better about not pulling out her feathers (a common stress reliever, I've been known to pull at my eyebrows) but we still aren't perfect since it has become a bit of a habit. 
She's been working on her speaking too. Her favorite is still being a cat, but she also likes making monkey sounds, and most recently she called me a pretty bird. Of course this made me very happy even if I'm not a bird at all. 
And why this post is called cat food. About a week ago I received a package in the mail from Klout (they track your social media influence) and inside was a bunch of Purley Fancy Feast cat food for my girl Cricket and she loves it! 

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