App Review: Vainglory

Roughly a month ago while searching around the iPhone application store for a new game to play I came across the staff favorite picks for best pictures. As soon as I saw the previews of Vainglory I immediately downloaded it even though it took a ton memory space on my phone. After playing it for some time I figured I could do a quick review for you guys. 

First of all I will admit the game is gorgeous to look at, and when you're first getting started the tutorials are helpful without being overbearing. The fighting is pretty basic and automatic, although you do control the power ups and deciding who to attack. All of this is on a pre determined layout that doesn't change for any of the games. As you or the other members of your team kill things you get gold, which can be spent throughout the game on power ups for weapons, hit points and more. And don't worry about how many times you die because you'll keep coming back (with a delay) until someone's main place is breached. 

Verdict: While the game itself is fun (I like the strategy component) it takes a long time to play through a round and if someone on your team leaves you're out of luck. The biggest problem though is how hard it is to navigate the game, and I'm not talking about something like Game of War or Minecraft the iPhone App where you can get lost in game map, I'm talking about getting lost in the selection. It's so complicated I can honestly say it takes me a good five minutes to set up before I play a game, and there doesn't seem to be a learning curve. 

Stars 4/5

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