All Black Yoga Outfit Inspiration


Although I'm trying to work on running more and have outfit inspiration to prove it, like the neon running outfit and how to look cute on a run my favorite activity related to exercise is of course yoga. I've been doing it since freshman year of high school (I think always) and although it isn't calorie burning it has a lot of other benefits. So I decided to put together an (almost) all black yoga outfit as a sort of guide, that's surprisingly different than my What to Wear to Yoga Outfit Guide from a few years ago. 

  • Sports Bra - When I first started getting into athletics something that surprised me was that there are different sports bras for different activities. And for good reason! So I added a low impact sports bra to this look, which tend to be much prettier than running ones. 
  • Shorts - Yoga pants aren't really that conducive to actually doing more advanced yoga. Bare legs are so much better so that's why I went with a pair of yoga shorts. 
  • Jacket - Often yoga studios seem really cold when you first start class so of course I wanted to add in a zip hoodie to this look. 
  • Nail Polish - To finish off this look I wanted to add a beauty product which is nail polish. While I have seen a few girls wear full makeup to yoga classes, I don't thing it's recommended. So only black nail polish to finish off this look. 


  1. I like this outfit a lot. It's cute, but it also looks as if it's very comfortable to exercise in.

  2. I tend to stick to black workout clothes rather then coloured- not sure why that is. The clothing you picked is definitely something I'd wear!

    Georgia Jade | The Weekend Attic

  3. This is such cute outfit! Looking good is always a great motivation for working out :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. amazing all black yoga combo!
    loved it!

  5. This is a cute outfit. I would totally wear this (:
    Nati xx

  6. Oh, I love the all black everything sport outfit!

    Blog || Instagram

  7. Love the "almost" black look. I didn't know there were different sports bra for each sport!

  8. Awesome inspiration! I love how you provided an alternative to wearing makeup to yoga class. I wouldn't recommend that either! The nail polish definitely adds a nice touch of personality for that little boost of confidence.


    Looks by Lau

  9. This outfit inspiration is so beautiful...definitely inspires me to do some yoga!

  10. I am looking for an all black gym outfit so this is great inspiration x

    Beauty with charm | AVENE GIVEAWAY


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