Unboxing: ThirdLove

Ever since my preteen years I've had one major shopping issue (other than the body issues many girls and women face), bras. My size although not unique is a little rare in department stores and even online it's hit or miss. So when I heard about the ThirdLove of course I was interested in getting a few samples to try out. They have revolutionary designs to fit better, use luxury materials and have a 100% Guarantee. So lets take a look in my box. 

T-Shirt Bra - I'm someone who's always felt like they had to wear a tank top under their shirts because there's always a line. So when I saw this T-shirt bra in my box I immediately went to try it out. I love the ruching on the straps that keep it from just being a functional piece. 

The Evolve Front Closure Bra - Front closures are so much easier to put on and wear but up until now I thought you had to exactly fit their band size. The back of this Evolve bra has an adjustable hardware piece and is cute too. 

I also received the microfiber thong which is no show, and a cute lace pair called the Lace Tanga. They're both well made and match the bras. 

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