School or Playing Around

 I'm only a few weeks to get into school and I'm already so tired of it. I just had a test for my mechanics of materials class, and on Tuesday I'm going to have one for my statistics class. I'm completely unprepared for it especially since we also have a project due the same day and I don't even know how to use the software. So this weekend is going to be stressful. 

Weeks like this, which come very often when school is in session stress me out a whole lot. And I'm someone who doesn't handle stress well. More and more often I wish I could find a different major, maybe something I enjoyed doing enough that I wouldn't mind doing it. You know instead of hating it and never having to do it as a job "when I grow up"

Even better than that would be to just do what I really want to do, blogging and related activities full time. The more opportunities I get from it the more and more I feel like I'm wasting my time. I have a friend who was much better off in their major choice (in many ways) than I am who quite when an offer came around. I've had a similar offer, but of course had to turn it down. Though even doing what I'm doing now would be as good as their opportunity. I just feel like I'm wasting all my time being miserable and even if/when I get my degree I'm not going to be using it at all. 
On a side note at least my new ring is pretty right? It's the blogger version of a Beverly Diamonds design I was sent awhile back, and will be blogging more about in the future. 

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