Review: Ozeri Deluxe Milk Frother

So you might be immediately put off by this being called a milk frother but as a vegan I can tell you there are plenty of other types of milk than dairy, which is what I tried this out on. You're probably also wondering when I became so domestic, and to that I can say I don't really know. Just that's it's slowly taking over with and I'm doing projects like DIY scrap rugs and pumpernickel bread. But back to the Deluxe milk frother Ozeri was kind enough to give to me. 

It comes via amazon, and inside the shipping box has it's own branded white box with a product picture. I was especially surprised when I pulled it out that this has not one frothing attachment but two, as well as whisk and cocktail attachment. And two AA batteries to get you started. The machine itself is stainless steel with an on off button on the top and a stainless steel simple holder. 

Verdict: I have to say I love this Ozeri Deluxe Milk Frother. It quickly and easily froths without being loud and those extra attachments are a very nice addition. Plus just look at it, it's modern and sleek as well as been small enough to easily store. 

You can get your own from amazon HERE

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