Review: Farmacy Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask

As a (part time) model, my skin is very important to me. I'm always sure to wear sunscreen, especially an organic one, and apply lotion nightly. I also never turn down the chance to try out a new skincare product so when I was given Farmacy's Hydrating Coconut Gel Mask of course I had to review it. Mine is an individual pack with the Farmacy logo on the front and directions on the back. 

 To use first take it out of the packaging (duh!) and then remove the mask from the blue (semi solid) gel. This is actually a little tricky to do without tearing the mask but I managed. I then applied it to my face... 
And here's how it looks on my face. Getting it on was a little hard because it's so thin but I did, and I have to say the nose made me laugh, it's so big it didn't touch either side, just the top, so it didn't get any hydrating coconut benefit. Other than that though the mask was fine and after peeling it off my skin did feel noticeably more hydrated but not heavy or oily. So overall pretty good. 

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