MTV's Are You The One?

So I've been watching this new MTV series, Are You The One. A group of 20 people ten men, and ten women are together in Hawaii. They're made to pair up each week to get to their "perfect match" (which is decided by the computer) and if they get it then they win the cash prize of 1 Million to split.  Throughout there are one on one dates, and all kinds of challenges. Think Big Brother, Married at First Sight, and the Bachelor all wrapped up into one. 

As much as I would love to be on this show (it looks like so much fun!) I don't think I could do it. I'm probably terrible at picking people that are good for me, and I always look for one personality trait that interests me so after ten tries I'd probably still be wrong. Worst of all though would be having the person I liked pick someone else as their match. 

In honor of MTV's Are You The One? I put together a short list of qualities of someone that'd be the "One" for me. 
  • Modesty - One think that I can not stand is someone who has an inflated ego. Being proud of yourself and having self confidence are great, but bragging and thinking you're better than someone else doesn't do it for me. 
  • Honesty - For some reason one of my favorite qualities in a guy is complete honest. Of course like anyone I want to be told the truth on the important things but also the little things that might infringe on politeness. So if you don't want to go somewhere or my dress is ill fitting tell me when I ask. 
  • Fidelity - One of those things that creates in instant breakup if it isn't there, in my opinion. 
I'll stop at three but I think I could come up with quite a few more. I think though that based on what I've seen so far of the show I'd be lucky with these if I were on Are You The One?

Here's the link to the Trailer, Here's the First Episode and the Play AYTO landing page where you can play games during the show and win prizes. 

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