Making DIY Ghost Candle Luminaries

 Halloween which is quite possibly my favorite holiday and even though I'm not 100% sure of my costume yet (I'm terrible at these kind of decisions) I've been doing a ton of Halloween decorating. In addition all of the traditional things I also have done a few DIY and today I wanted share with one for  simple ghost candle holders. Or maybe more fancily luminaries since the candles inside are not real. 

Making these is actually quite simple and doesn't require too many things. Most importantly you'll need jars for each ghost that you want to make. You'll want something for the ghost fabric. I went with white tulle, but other semi opaque fabrics will work well too (like cheese cloth!). You'll also want either a hot glue gun, or regular glue though it won't work quite as well, and tons of googly eyes. 
First take your cloth of choice and start wrapping it around the jar. You can either do it in a uniform manner, have a slight vertical step size, or do it diagonally. For mine I did one that increased height every time I went around the jar, and one where I wrapped it diagonally. Each time around I used the hot glue gun, I glued a small vertical section. Once I got the desired opacity I finished off by gluing. Of course this leaves excess at the top. With that I folded it down and glued it. To press it after the glue was on I used a spoon so I wouldn't burn myself. 

After that the fun begins, picking where to glue on the eyes. I sporadically put them on both the jars but a fun idea might be to put pairs together and use different sizes. After I had as many as I wanted I placed white cloth on the bottom of jar and then added in my fake tea candle. Then placed my Ghost Candle Luminaries in my makeup area for a Halloween feel. I'm thinking this would be easy to transfer to other Luminaries DIYs. 

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