Life Photos: Skincare, Amazon Prime, Indy Fountain, Art Class

I have to say that I've been super busy lately. Right now I have a few things going on before break and I'm not that happy about it. I have been able to keep up on all my blogging though so I can't complain too much. The first photo is the very fancy packaging of the Saison Winter Face Collection I was super impressed with the wrapping job so of course I documented it. The next photo is of when I was watching a show, Blue Bloods to be exact on Amazon prime and I wanted to save where I was in the show. Little did I know Amazon saved it for me. Then when I was a flea market in a hispanic part of they city, I saw they were selling things like shampoo and soap and took a picture to compare the prices. They ended up being slightly cheaper. 

The next row has some equipment I used in a fluids lab for school. Of course we had to write a lab report which was why I needed the model number. Then a picture of a fountain at a park in Indianapolis. Last in the row is an early morning spent with my used cat. I was working on my computer (the page is actually my Google+ profile) and she decided to sit with me.  

The last photo row is of my attempt at drawing something with death in my art appreciation class. It looks terrible, and we had to share them with the class which makes it worse. Then there's a picture of  my studying during class. And finally a heart because I didn't have a 9th photo. 

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