Life Photos: School Papers, Halloween Lights, Nudes

School, something you might know from my lack of blog posts, has sort of taken over my life lately.  Therefore it only makes sense that is what is taking up most of the random photos on my phone from lately. The first photo is of someone's homework I wanted to look at because I could seem to get to the right answer. Then three pictures of the lab book from my fluids class followed by one of the labs, and another lab page. They're awful, we don't know what we're doing and the write ups are confusing. Following that is homework for my Mechanics class. 

Then there's Halloween lights I saw in someone's yard while walking my dog checkers. Then the "nude" I sent to someone in my class while another person had their phone (during the class). Then a pad in my backpack. I got my computer out and about ten tampons, and some pads, that I keep in the same section fell out, right before class started and everyone saw it. Last is a whitening cream my friend uses and recommended to me. 

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