Last Loreal Walmart Promotion?

In May/June (I can't exactly remember now) I did a Loreal Beauty Promotion.  Even though one of the packs wasn't there, it wasn't all that bad. This time around though that wasn't the case. I made it to the first location, found the manager and told them I was looking for and she promptly told me to go to the back and get it. So I did. All by myself I wandered around in the back of Walmart (like a mini warehouse) until I found someone to ask, who pointed me towards someone else who did know. After  opening the box I then tried to find somewhere to throw out the packaging and when I asked someone they gave me the rudest response. As if I should know. Luckily the other store was a little better (though between the two I'm much more likely to be a Target shopper now). 

Inside the box, I was happy to find that in addition to the coupons like last time that there were samples, which was the highlight of my promotional modeling job. Taking ten pictures at both locations was almost impossible, and I'm surprised anyone was okay with me taking their photo. Though it was probably because I'm very persuasive. 

Anyways what I was saying, is that although these Walmart promotions are great because I can work them in around my schedule, and they help me get better jobs with the agency I do them through I don't think I'll be doing them anymore. The pay isn't that good and it isn't fun. 

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