Food Photos: Pita Pit, Cinnamon Twist + Garden Apples

Today I went with my father to the Indianapolis Downtown Pita pit for lunch. Thanks to some marathon thing (I have no idea what it was for) multiple streets were closed making it quite hard to get to a garage and then get there. The place is a bit like subway you pick your meat or substitute (I had a black bean version) and then pick the other things you want to add on. Then there's a photo of these awesome cinnamon twist buns with icing I made. There were twelve and in less then 12 hours they were all gone. Earlier I had mac and "cheese" along with a vegetable mix for dinner after class one day. 

As you can see in my skin (that needed updated badly!) there are apples and on the side a bowl full of more. They were grown in my backyard and are completely organic, this means a few bad spots in the apples but no chemicals and they were perfect for an apple sauce. Above that is a rice soup that was dinner one day.  Last is a tofu and mac and cheese I made. As you might see a common food in my house. 

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