Food Photos: Not Quite a Vegan Towards Thanksgiving

While I am often a strict vegan, with recipes like vegan pancakes towards the holidays that gets a bit harder to do. There's all the family events to attend and often time that means very few vegan options. Family food events are almost always potluck style so I do bring a vegan dish and for the rest of the food I go with a vegetarian option at the least. 

The first photo is of a Halloween chocolate bar that my mother decided to get. Of course I couldn't resist. Although I'm sure my diet wasn't all that impressed. Then "mexico night" at my house with tacos and casadias. Then another dinner which was baked potatoes grapes, carrots and raw cauliflower. In both photos the cheese is of the fake, vegan variety.  Then the Thanksgiving food at my grandparents, and then Thanksgiving food at my other grandparents. Both were very good, and I was happy with the meat free options. The last photo in the top right corner is of a veggie burger, and chick pea salad that I had for dinner last night. Also included is a green bean casserole that was left over from Thanksgiving. 

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