Face Photos: Sad Face, Lots of Sunglasses, + No Makeup

So I've had these photos on my phone for awhile (kind of like my Cat Food Saturday pictures) and finally decided I could just put them up. Sorry if you don't want to see them. Sort of. The first one is me trying my best sad face, the next one is a random in the dark photo. Then three pictures of me as a  "gangster" in some selfies before a video for an advertisement. Then another sad but not as sad selfie. 

Below that is a picture of me in a Southern Shirt I one in a contest awhile back and absolutely love. Then a selfie in my fitness friday outfit about Halloween candy.  Then two photos of me trying to be cool or something the same day I did my outfit with the pink sweater and high waisted shorts. Then of course another selfie with my #fitnessfriday outfit, and lastly one with a pair of floral sunglasses and a floral hoodie that you might have also spotted in my urban chic outfit. As you might be able to tell I've actually gotten better about not taking so many selfies, although I do think it's a bit funny that most of these are with that blank serious facial expression that isn't becoming on anyone. 


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