Face Photos: Colts Sweatshirt + One Ugly in Pink

I have a few selfies to share today which I know you're thrilled about. But they've been sitting on my phone so I think it's time that they go into a little blog post. The first photo is what I think is a fantastic photo of me. And it's no makeup or photoshop or anything else weird so of course I'm very happy with it. Then one below it of me trying to make my eyes look larger than they are. The last two photos in the row are of me wearing my Colts NFL Sweatshirt which I'm actually really fond of. It was on the way to my grandparents house for thanksgiving. The car ride takes forever. Then a random photo at a terrible angle where I'm wearing that pink sweater. Last is one I took today while printing out my statistics take home test. I'd already done it once, but I wanted to have a less sloppy version. 


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