Elizabeth Before School & Drawing Class

 I figured I could do one of those "day in my life" sort of posts. This morning I woke up at 8 and had to rush off to school. While I was trying to eat my breakfast I was constantly being shouted at, things like "Hey" and "Here" until I shared with her.  When I arrived at school I saw people standing around outside and figured it was just a tour, and headed to my building. I then saw that people were standing around there and realized it was a fire drill. Disappointing because I wanted to get to class early and work on my homework that was due. 
 The assignment was to draw motion, and this was my attempt. It's an art appreciation class so it didn't have to be any good, but for someone who can't draw I don't think mine is half bad. 
 And a picture of the room before students arrived. I wish my other classes looked like this. The big wooded table, and sitting higher with those chairs is so much nicer. Anyways I went through my other two classes without incident although I wasn't focusing too much because I was worried about a test grade (got it back when I came home and I didn't do bad).
When I came back to my car, after it'd been sitting all day there was a puddle under the wheel. Of course this made me nervous to drive, though I saw little puddles under other peoples wheels (what is it!?). Before going home I made a stop to tutor a girl in math. 

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