DIY Dual Fall Leaves / Jack-o-Lantern Pot Holder

 As the weather gets cooler, I find myself spending more and more time in the kitchen. Not just making the usual things like BBQ Tofu but also more baking and canning things from the garden. Which got me thinking about making cute things for the kitchen, and when I came up with this double sided Fall Leaves / Jack-o-Lantern pot holder. One side for Halloween and one for the rest of the Autumn season. It's an easy DIY and ended up being quite cute. 

5"-8" fabric squares
Cotton Batting
1. I cut strips from the middle of the squares  so they would be 1-1/2 - 3" wide. 

2. I then drew my shape on the white stabilizer and then laid my strips on top to see if they would fit. The red marks are my basic shape.  Lay one piece right side down over the other and sew through the fabric and the stabilizer. Flip both pieces down and take the next piece and sew it down right sides together. You can see that I had to add the cut off corner to make my piece long enough for the middle.  If you use strips about 8 inches or so long you won't have that problem.

3. After sewing all the strips down lay your shape on on top and cut out. I next ironed on Steam a seam 2 on the back of some black fabric and cut out the face shapes.I ironed these down. Ziz Zag around all the outside edges. 

4. I then cut out three leaves, two in brown and one in green (to tie in with the pumpkin stem)   cut them from my fusible backed fabric. 

5. Next I made the stem, which is actually the hanging loop, just cutting a piece of green fabric and sewing it into a circular shape. 

6. I layered these on top of first another layer of cotton batting and my fabric and sewed this together. I also layered in the stem at the top and sewed it on, between the layers at the same time. 


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  1. awww those are the cutest potholder ever! will be doing some for Christmas! thanks for the inspo!

    keep in touch!


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