DIY Art Deco Cosmetics Bag

Though I've been doing a lot of print and runway modeling which mean professional makeup artists I've also been adding a lot of jobs to my promotional modeling resume which doesn't. Not only do you have to do your makeup in a "glamours" style but you also have to keep up the look. Sometimes this is easy, like for trade show modeling, but on race days maintaining my face isn't easy. Of course in any case I needed something to carry around my makeup. So I decided to make an Art Deco inspired cosmetics bag and share the DIY with you guys. 


I had part of a vest which was a started project of years ago and decided to make a small bag out of it. So I guess that makes this a bit of an upcycle project but you can make it out of any type of fabric you like. I folded the vest together to get the largest usable piece and rough cut it. Afterwards I evened up the edges and ended up with a piece of fabric approximately 12" x 9"   Then Use a coordinating or contrasting zipper that is longer than the top opening ( extra length will be cut off). Place the zipper right side down on the top of the fabric and sew close to  but not over the  zipper teeth. Place the other half of zipper on the other side and sew it in place close to the teeth.  The teeth edge of the zipper will be facing down into the bag.
To make the bag look more polished, top stitch,  keeping the seam attached to the zipper. with I had extra fabric  I made a loop for the bag.  I cut a 2" x 5" strip, folded both long sides to the middle and folded them together. I then top stitched close to the folded edge making my loop about 1/2 " wide. Open the zipper about halfway ( Very important!) turn the bag wrong side out.old the loop together and insert it into the bag with the raw edges matching the raw edges of the bag.Sew both sides of the bag sewing over the zipper. Trim the zipper if it is overly long.

For an added bit of quirk I then added a few buttons to my Art Deco Cosmetics Bag. At first I thought I'd like to have different sizes and textures of buttons, but with the busy fabric I went with uniform black buttons and sewed them on to both sides randomly. 

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  1. This was a lovely post! I especially love the photos :)


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